Massage Tools for Neck, Back and Shoulder

Published on December 28 2015

In the modern life, people are easily suffered from differently external factors. They come from bad postures, incorrect working positions, or simply wearing tight shoes. However, not many people have time and money to regularly go to spas and health centers. That’s the reason why they attempt to learn self-massage therapies to serve themselves every time and everywhere. One of the most essential parts for doing self-massage is useful massage tools. These tools are efficient in releasing soreness on your muscles and making you feel completely comfortable. There is a plenty of massage tools available on today’s marketplace. Follow our article helps bring a comprehensive way about what you should purchase for efficient massage therapy.

Before applying any type of self-massage therapy, you had better ask yourself about your pressure parts. Each of part will require special massage tool for doing multi-functional tasks.

Still point inducer Still point inducer

1. Foam Roller

Most of people love the foam roller because of its comfort and the great ease of use. Regularly use this tool several times per week helps release your pressure and tension well. It is effectively used to relax thighs, band and quads. To apply this method, all you have to do is rolling your legs up and down. This contributes to massage your fascia and muscles in a quick time. If you have to deal with the tightest areas, keep the roller stay in 30 seconds. It helps your nerve system smooth and limits the development of tender spot.

2. Still point inducer

This is considered as a modern way in relieving your stress and pressure. With the advanced massage technology, the still point inducer plays an important role in dealing with neck pains. In addition to the eye-catching appearance, the Still-point inducers come with high efficiency in making your neck relax. It helps cope with tight neck and headaches as well.

There are several important factors you should put into your mind when using this type of massage tool. Feel comfortable to lie on the portable massage table or flat floor. Place the point inducer under your neck within 5 minutes. Make your total body relax. To maximize the incredible comfort of using the Still point inducer, you should place a foam roller under the knees. The foam roller will support you well in bending your knees and make your spine relax.

3. The stick

While the foam roller couldn’t reach some hard to reach areas, the Stick can easily access them. If the foam roller makes use of your body weight to create pressure on your muscles, the Stick determines your intensity levels in a specific way. All you have to do is pressing your muscles and deciding how many levels of intensity you need. For people who don’t want to spend much effort in producing pressure from their body weight, the Stick is an ideal option. For the better massage results, you should prepare both the Stick and foam roller together in your bag, especially in long adventures. Each of them will be effective in doing specific responsibilities. With the Stick, massaging quads and band is a simple task.

4. Yamuna foot walkers

Foot is a place where concentrates many nerves of people. Therefore, having a good massage tool for your feet is a vital requirement. The foot walkers are out-standing recommendations for removing the pressure from cycling, running, standing too long, wearing high heels or tight shoes, etc…Coming with the equipment of a helpful DVD, this tool provides all you need for relaxing your feet after hard-working days.

5. The Theracane

If you are seeking for an efficient method to relax your shoulders, this device is a great option. The theracane is effectively used to provide deep tissue massage on your painful shoulder and back muscles. A great benefit of using the tool is that it actively treats large painful areas of your body.

All in all, it is necessary for you to combine all of these massage tools together for the best health result.

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